Location & Facilities

Welcome to Berlin!


Berlin is a lively, exciting and culturally buzzing capital. It is also affordable, with its relatively low-cost-of-living making it a great place for musicians, and other creatives, to dive into what they do best.
Berlin is also the hub of Germany’s music business, and the third biggest music market worldwide.
With a wealth of affordable practice rooms, studios and flats, Berlin is a good launchpad for musicians taking their first steps into their chosen career. The city has taken over where New York, London or Paris left off: it has become a magnet for artists from around the world.


At the heart of Kreuzberg


Located in Berlin’s multicultural Kreuzberg 61, an inspiring and colorful district, Drumtrainer Berlin is just a stone’s throw from restaurants, bars, stores and clubs, as well as a vibrant international music scene similar to London or NY.

Drumtrainer Berlin is located in the historical buildings of the former brewery “Bockbrauerei” in the Kreuzberg district. Drumtrainer Berlin is a meeting place for drummers and percussionists from around the world. Our spaces are equipped with top-end drums, PA systems, as well as beamers and wifi.
Percussion lessons, our ‘drum clinics’ and other events are hosted in various locations, depending on visitor numbers and other factors.