Lesson Details

Course Structure 12-month Pro-Training


The Pro-Training (12-month) course is split into group and individual lessons. Students take part in six to eight teaching sessions a week. The individual lessons last 30 minutes, classes in basics, independence and styles, music theory and rhythmic ear training last 45 minutes, Bass & Drums Training/Marschkapelle last 60 minutes while workshops, including Band, Percussion, Drums & Electronic, Business and Tuning all last 90 minutes.


Exemplary lesson plan for an eight week teaching phase:

Monday (course start in October):

3 x 45 minutes (rudiments, independence & styles)

60 minutes bass & drums training

Tuesday (course start October):

30 minutes individual tuition

90 minutes workshop (band, special, percussion, drums & electronic)


Marching band:

60 min rehearsal for all students, every week


Music Theory & Rhythmic Ear Training:

app. 90 min rehearsal for all students (summed up in workshops)


Exemplary lesson plan for a two-week exam preparation:

Tuesday (course start October):

30 min individual teaching

Special Workshop: 1 x 90 min in the exam preparation phase (after Phase 1&3 Tuning-Special, and Phase 2&4 Business-Special)

Marching band:

60 min rehearsal for all students, every week


Course Structure 24-month Pro-Training Weekend

Pro-Training Weekend (24 months) has the same content and credit points as the Pro-Training (12 months). Lesson units are combined into intensive weekend training sessions. There is on weekend training session every two months with app. eight to twelve units. This is equivalent to app. three weeks of the regular 12-month curriculum. Additional lesson units may be provided via Skype or online.

Saturday app. 10:00 – app. 21:30 (incl. breaks)

90min Warm-Up (Rudiment Training, Percussion Special, Independence Training)

120min Individual Lessons

120min Music Theory & Rhythmic Ear Training

60min Styles

90min Special (Business, Self-Marketing, Health)

90min Percussion

Sunday app. 09:00 – 17:00 (incl. breaks)

45min Rudiments

45min Independence

45min Styles

90min Band Workshop

90min Drums & Electronic

90min Drum Workshop (with different Drum Trainers or external guest lecturers)