About Drumtrainer

Based in the heart of Europe’s cultural hub, Drumtrainer is THE temple to the art of drumming. Drumtrainer breathes, thinks and sweats rhythm, based on a unique educational system crafted over years by our hand-picked group of trainers, who are also professional drummers. Our course to become a professional drummer is devoted to helping young players find their unique rhythmic ‘voice’ and developing their passion into a career.


Training program 12 or 24 months


As a student, your program unfolds over a period of 12 or 24 intensive months of focused “grind.” You will be immersed in a mix of contemporary and modern drumming exercises as well as thorough study of a who’s who in drum history. The course will enable you to stand your ground in the music industry and be bang up-to-date on the latest trends. After successful completion of all examinations, Drumtrainer Berlin awards a final certificate in cooperation with the SRH-Hochschule der populare Künste (hdpk). The certificate or single modules within it, stated as acquired competences, can possibly be credited by some universities for further studies.


Real teachers from the real world


Its lively community is among the outstanding aspects of the Drumtrainer experience. Teachers are at the core of this collective, extending their networks in the music business, enabling students to benefit from their experience and active links to a range of scenes. Our roster of “masters of the art” hail from across the globe. Together they offer an array of musical styles, giving students a panoramic view across the diverse world of contemporary drumming. In this environment, great, and often lasting, connections are formed between students and the instructors.

Students also benefit from being based in Berlin, a beautiful city, abuzz with with culture and excitement. The fact that it remains one of the most affordable capitals in the world makes it the perfect spot to concentrate on your priorities. Here at Drumtrainer we are looking for committed and enthusiastic drummers striving to surpass themselves.


In return, we promise to shape your skills, impacting every beat you play.


Dirk Erchinger, founder of Drumtrainer Berlin.